Ari Waldstein has over 19 years experience working in the private money arena. He is well known in the industry and has maintained a good reputation for keeping his investors and clients happy and secure in their investments. To date he has not put one of his trust deed investors in a loan which resulted in a loss of money!

Ari's primary duty at Action Funding Inc. is to sell loans to borrowers and sell trust deeds to investors. As a  licensed real estate broker with the California Department of Real Estate, Ari makes sure all loans are done using best industry practices.  He is also identified with the Department of Real Estate as a multilender and threashold broker which allows him to originate and service loans for his trust deed investors.  He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in 1995 from California State University Los Angeles, and lives with his beautiful wife and children in the the San Fernando Valley. 

Ari can be reached at 818-914-4437 ext. 402. His email address is

Ari Waldstein is a Real Estate Broker, California Department of Real Estate.  

CAL DRE Lic #01243910​

Corp Cal DRE Lic#01912380

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