Action Funding, Inc. funds a fully funded construction loan in 1st position for $600,000 which included prepaid payments for 9 months and $200,000 for construction. The loan term is 12 months and 10.5% interest only. We were able to accommodate the borrower by requiring a minimal down payment for this purchase transaction. If your interested in learning how to use hard money to construct your next project please call Ari at 818-914-4437. 

Malibu Lake is a small reservoir surrounded by a residential development in the Santa Monica Mountains near Agoura Hills, California. Adjacent to Malibu Creek State Park and within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, it is situated between Malibu Beach and the Conejo Valley. It was created in 1922 after the Malibu Lake Club Dam was built at the confluence of two creeks. The lake, and community of 250 residents are private.

The 350 acres (140 ha) site includes rugged mountain terrain, exclusive ranch houses, cabins and a club, It has been a popular venue for filming due to its proximity to the Hollywood studios. About 100 Hollywood movies have been filmed since the silent film period.

Malibu Lake Hard Money

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