We have trust deeds for immediate investment. Compare your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds against our 8-14% returns. 


  • Secured by First and Second Mortgages on California Real Estate.

  • ​Title to the loan is vested in your name.

  • ​You will receive both title and fire insurance policies.

  • ​Our loans generally do not exceed 60% of the conservatively appraised value of the property. All appraisals are performed by an outside licensed and bonded independent fee appraiser.

  • Loans originated and serviced by Action Funding, Inc.

  • We have a wide variety of different type of trust deeds to invest in. We receive loan requests such as short term rehab loans, construction loans, long term commercial equity loans, and everything else in between.

  • We pride ourselves with providing our investors the very best trust deeds to invest in. We will scrutinize every loan and personally visit each and every property.  As a trust deed investor we look to be proactive in our initial underwritting of the loan to determine how the borrower will be able to pay off our loan. To date,  Action Funding, Inc. has not had any loan that resulted in  loss of money for one of our trust deed investors!!

  • Many of our trust deed investors fund our loans with capital from their pension plans, IRA's and retirement accounts. 

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